A Formal Technicality

obsessing comes easily.

❥Obsession(s) : Harry Potter. Once Upon A Time. Pretty Little Liars. Hemlock Grove. Game of Thrones. House of Cards. Pokémon. Vaping. Alice In Vapeland. Disney. Coach. Pottermore.
❥I Reblog : What I Want. When I Want. But a hell load of the things listed above. And Cats.
❥This is my main blog where all the crazy comes out. I split things into into Single Fandom blogs so that people who aren't interested in everything I am doesn't have to scroll through the madness. They are listed in the links.

❥Kay. Old Enough to Know Better.
❥Language : Semi-Sailor
❥Ask Box : Always Open. Nonnies Welcome.
❥Not Spoiler Free
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